About Us

СНПЧ А7 Нижний Новгород, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Who we are?

  • Innovation Now SB is an innovative company that bring the innovative solutions of the future to you Now, that’s the reason we call it this unique name “Innovation Now”.
  • In Innovation Now we improve the way users interact with digital content, businesses connect with their audience and how everybody connect to the internet.
  • Innovation Now Sdn Bhd is a 100% Malaysian private limited company registered in Malaysia under registration number 923724-P.
  • Innovation Now is located in strategic place in Cyberjaya

What we do?

  • Developing innovative cutting edge digital experiences. From the development of the application to the hardware choice, Innovation Now goes with you all the way with rigour and creativity.
  • Developing innovative wireless broadband Internet access service that keeps you connected all the time in a reliable cost-effective way.

What makes us different?

Innovative, creative, speed and efficient, Innovation Now is a unique blend of skills that successfully link up strategy, creativity and new technologies.

We do not use solutions picked up from the shelf but we do extensive research to make these solutions more suitable, innovative and efficient to your business.