Solution Integration

ICT Infrastructure Design, Installation and Maintenance

  1. Supply, Install and Maintenance of Hardware; PC, Servers, Storage, Operating Systems and Security Setup
  2. Installation, testing and commissioning of the ICT equipments and infrastructure included VPN, firewall and routers
  3. Installation, testing and commissioning of the LAN, WAN and Fiber Optics

System Integration and Consultancy

Help clients to implement and integrate proven, state-of-the-art technologies to achieve organizations specific business objectives. We provide:-

  1. System Commissioning- Install, configure and commission of IT equipment and peripheral notably PCs, AVR, UPS, server at network rack, scanner, laser printer, color printer and Internet Access
  2. System Assurance- Involve in identifying and testing IT equipment and peripheral in accordance with client’s requirement. It involves identifying client’s IT development
  3. Project Management- Managing the project implementation and product deliverable
  4. Cabling and Network- Involve in the whole spectrum of the activities comprises of supply, install, testing and commissioning

Application Software Development

  1. Provide the system design and support
  2. Provide the database design and support
  3. Web content design and management